Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Own / Want List

Username Comments
Castlewars None
Eco None
9volt None
MrX867 None
WangChung None
Bubby68 None
Akira_EX None
Giga Bowser None
Twin_Master Brings back the fun I had playing Superstar Saga on GBA!
Tidus Strife None
tropicaldolphin51 None
The Deathwind None
Artman001 None
Quixotic None
Pipifax None
Aang34 None
Thunder850 10/10
Garazaki11stitches14 4 out of 5
John403 None
Lavender Blush None
Darkness1000 None
Bluepikky24 None
Empoleon1996 None
steventhecracker None
Mr Cheater None
ManaBlitz None
pokemon4444 None
pottymouth96 None
Popo master 41 None
Diego392817 None
zeldageek None
Kunai Storm None
Pokemonrulez555 Nothing to do at the end except start over. =(
lonewolveshardt None
mrwookie None
Lizz None
Lumina40 None
Jay923 ?
BloodhoundButla None
mango_tango None
Inkk3 Best RPG on the ds!
deadn00b2 None
Griffsports None
firestar12 None
Kirby123 None
NickAlert None
Ellie101 So much fun! I loved this game!
dyerikoz None
CndyCoatedJigglypuff None