Mario Kart DS Own / Want List

Username Comments
BlasterMage None
Blue Man None
ChozenMaster None
warror of dreams None
Yeshua None
GosoxJ None
krunk13 None
simpsonsrno1 None
swatguy None
qwertyuiopa None
ilovestars still thinking....
MurderManMatUtsch None
ashley_35 cool game
Mavs41 None
Misato None
GamaerFan101 None
R gamer ds None
kitkat6270 None
sllllotb None
guy3456 None
AR Code None
crashcar5 None
7777777777444 None
puppygirl4567 None
Burby101 None
SuperLuigiManiac2000 None
Jemima7817 None
Ktanaqui None
Ellie101 Waheyyyyyy! Luvvin it...x
Jibby728 None
vsr9 Rented it and it was AWESOME so I planning on getting it with my allowance.
MasterEric None
100Lizzie None
ronsan991 None
Charizard_2 Raceing
redjury None
poketopiamaster None
coleaac434 None
blighst None
SuperSonicBeatles25 None
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Tubasmitty2 None
xPr0j3cTxSiNx None
ChocoWoffo None
Bubby68 None
Phil68 None
harvestmoon chipmunk None
luke2084 None
Pokegg None
EHays91 None