Mario Kart DS Completed

Username Completion Date Achievements
Black Rainbow Jan 1, 2011 None
ellipsis Jan 1, 2011 None
x Hazel Eyes x Jan 1, 2010 None
Lone Lab Jan 1, 2010 None
Leyletto Jan 1, 2010 None
VinnyVideo Nov 18, 2009 Won the gold trophy on all tracks, including in Mirror Mode. Cleared all the Missions up to Level 6.
ShadowNc Oct 7, 2009 Gold on all cups, all missons complete, and mastered at 8:58 P.M.
Zancho_Red Jun 27, 2009 None
angelting Apr 5, 2009 I dont have a DS but I still can borrow my friends DS to play! Its a nice game!
Thunder850 Jan 10, 2009 I beat it, and I still am playing it.
BlackRainbow Jan 1, 2009 None
gecko89 Oct 18, 2008 I beat this with gold 3 stars on every cup in every cc.
Capopo29 Aug 25, 2008 None
kjhf Aug 1, 2008 2-star completion. All staff ghost data beaten.
xxgreenbunnyxx Jan 1, 2008 100% done
Cupcake86 Jan 1, 2008 None
2sexy4u69 Aug 5, 2007 None
Mrblikey Jul 22, 2007 Bah! This Was Preety Easy. I unlocked R.O.B And All Other Unlockable Characters. I also got all the kartzs. And, I Even Got 1 Star On EVERY CUP. But I got 3 Stars In Mushroom Cup For Nitro Class.
crushbite Jul 16, 2007 It was easy! Espacially with drybones in the drybomber! I hate R.O.B,wario,mario,daisy,luigi,peach,Dk,and also bowser,waluigi and toad. Ooo,i love that cute yoshi! (And Drybones)
Sgt Uricchio Jul 16, 2007 3 stars on EVERYTHING!!!
mango_tango Jun 1, 2007 everything but the missions..... my friends are jealous of me because I am good enough to beat them every time. but they might not be the best. you know, i played wi-fi mario kart wii with my friend once, and i was TERRIBLE. except when i started shouting. then i got good. strange.....
ShadowMetaKnight May 1, 2007 beat 50cc mushroom cup to mirror lightning cup
dragonmk Mar 17, 2007 it was fun til it lasted i was having some fun
o_snuffles_o Jan 16, 2007 None
Meiun Jan 12, 2007 None
Dragon Warrior1 Jan 2, 2007 None
sprites of justice Jan 2, 2007 done nearly all time trials the last unlockable charecter is ace and unexpected
chaos Jan 1, 2007 All missions and tracks 3-starred.
hbn Jan 1, 2007 None
Andy Jan 1, 2007 - Completed all levels.
Random Heroine Jan 1, 2007 None
Cheatergirl007 Jan 1, 2007 I beat everything. And I got alot of help. A LOT of help...
Dark Arcanine Jan 1, 2007 None
tatemandue2 Jan 1, 2007 beaten every cup on every difficulty, unlocked every character and car,beaten every challenge including the secret challenge
BUZZ132 Jan 1, 2007 None
Snez Jan 1, 2007 None
Dragoon Jan 1, 2007 None
greenleech133 Dec 7, 2006 None
Divinorse Oct 14, 2006 I was so glad the day I got that robot guy then I raced with him and he was good but I like to use Luigi better. I bet all the races and got all the cups with him and I had a great time playing this game. Now I'm done and I should probably get into the Wifi part of it I wonder if it will make the game anymore fun? Who knows?
The Link Master Oct 1, 2006 I beat the game.
Hoshigaki Kisame Oct 1, 2006 None
Adam X Jul 6, 2006 Unlocked all characters, done wonderful in time trials, beat mission mode ect... Only beat some of the staff ghosts though.
Freeze Jul 1, 2006 None
SongstressgunnerYuna Jul 1, 2006 It was cool I remember all those tracks from the first Mario kart and all the others! Ah... the mission was hard. I couldn't believe them. I know that I lent the game to my friend's niece, and she beat a few for me. I felt... old...
SuperKrauser Jul 1, 2006 I have unlocked everything, but don't have three stars on all GP.
azurice Jun 8, 2006 got triple star on every cup got triple star on every mission beat a lot of staff times
Paper_Mario_Master May 26, 2006 uhhh... beaten every staff ghost in Time Trials, and... Have 2 stars above my name... and... ummmmm..... All characters, and stuff... :)
Night Kirby Apr 16, 2006 None
Menkoy Apr 1, 2006 Every character, cart and stage unlocked, all missions completed 3
Zero x201 Jan 27, 2006 None