Mario Kart DS Action Replay Codes

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Off Line Courses Playable Online. (DS) North America

02153a4c 0000000C
02153a50 0000000F
02153a54 00000011
02153a58 00000013
02153a5C 00000017
02153a60 00000018
02153a64 0000001A
02153a68 00000020
02153a6C 00000021
02153a70 00000023
02153a74 00000025
02153a78 00000026
02153a7C 00000014
02153a80 0000001D
02153a84 0000001E
02153a88 0000001F
02153a8C 0000001C
02153a90 00000024
02153a94 00000028
02153a98 00000001

This code will make the off line courses avaible online. You will not see them in the Course List, but you will see either a white unnamed block or the course will be chosen automatically when you select a normal course.

Unlock Codes. (DS) North America

Nitro Cup Courses:

223ce2e0 0000007f

Retro Cup Courses:

223ce2e1 0000007f

All Characters, Cars, And Classes:

223ce2e2 0000007f
rating: 5/5

Always Be ShyGuy. (DS) North America

923cdd40 0000000c
023cdd40 00000001
d2000000 00000000
94000130 fffb0000
023cdd40 0000000c
d2000000 00000000

As you know, the ShyGuy is only available when you play with a friend via Download Play.
Well, this code will make you the ShyGuy in all the events. Just select a normal character, and the code will transform it in a ShyGuy.

Start From The Final Lap. (DS) North America

94000130 fff70000
023cdd3f 00000001
d2000000 00000000
rating: 5/5

All Mission Races Completed. (DS) North America

023d00c4 0f0f0f0f
023d00c8 0f0f0f0f
023d00cc 0f0f0f0f
023d00d0 0f0f0f0f
023d00d4 0f0f0f0f
023d00d8 0f0f0f0f
023d00dc 0f0f0f0f
023d00e0 0f0f0f0f
023d00e4 0f0f0f0f
023d00e8 0f0f0f0f
023d00ec 0f0f0f0f
023d00f0 0f0f0f0f
023d00f4 0f0f0f0f
023d00f8 0f0f0f0f
023d00fc 0f0f0f0f
123d0100 00000f0f
223d0102 0000000f

This will complete all the missions with 3 stars. Even the secret one.
rating: 3/5

Play On Untextured Tracks. (DS) North America

020484a0 d0002a00
020484a4 e0052321

ALL the courses will be without textures. They may have a funny-looking style.

Play On Test Circle. (DS) North America

023cdcd8 00000015
020484a0 d0002a00
020484a4 e0052321

When you select a track, it will be untexturized circle. You can win races easier that way.
rating: 5/5

Moonjump Code. (DS) North America

94000130 fffd0000
b217acf8 00000000
00000260 00001800
d2000000 00000000

Press "B" to activate.

YOur character will levitate, as it would be flying. You can access restringed areas with it.

Size Modifiers. (DS) North America

6217acf8 00000000
b217acf8 00000000
000000bc 00005000
000000c0 00005000
000000c4 00005000
d2000000 00000000

6217acf8 00000000
b217acf8 00000000
000000bc 00002000
000000c0 00002000
000000c4 00002000
d2000000 00000000

6217acf8 00000000
b217acf8 00000000
000000bc 00000900
000000c0 00000900
000000c4 00000900
d2000000 00000000

Really Small:
6217acf8 00000000
b217acf8 00000000
000000bc 00000001
000000c0 00000001
000000c4 00000001
d2000000 00000000

Paper Mario Kart (DS) North America

This code makes you look like you are paper Mario

6217ACF8 00000000
B217ACF8 00000000
000000BC 00000050
000000C0 00001000
000000C4 00001000
D2000000 00000000