Mario Hoops 3 on 3 Own / Want List

Username Comments
Zancho_Red None
chris12316 None
Maxman None
Arietta None
ACWW_addict Gota love the ninja.
Akira_EX None
Murray3 None
Giga Bowser None
Distortion Frustrating, but fun.
serpent None
hamstar138 None
Relient K None
LatiosLatias This is a great game.
tropicaldolphin51 None
Charlie two thumbs up :P
X Naut Shroober None
Nkiller None
shorties rock Different
baby_Lord None
Anomynous365 None
murraymints None
Night Kirby Nice graphics, everything else is average.
up Luigi 64 None
Special K None
InnerDemon None
blaze dragon 1993 None
Cassandra None
Tissue 1 None
megamanLEO6285 None
PrincessPeach12 None
joshismyname12 None
flickchick99 None
Dragonlord1212 None
Kai_0293 None
saggamer94 FUN GAME
Donald57 None
pokemon4444 None
Popo master 41 None
Legendgreat None
br00tal None
gameguy None
dogman15 None
SoulReaperX None
TimmayTheTurtle None
patrickrocks797 None
Trogdor_002 Easy, Medium, Hard mode complete with gold trophies. Extra courts, battle stages, and characters unlocked.
Capopo29 None
Ghostshootr None
Mr T The Big buy all games new when come out