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Konami's, Magician's Quest: Mysterious Times, puts you in the shoes of your own character as you attend Magic Academy to become the greatest magician to ever live. Players will attend classes to learn magic, solve puzzles, meet friends, and engage in activites in the town. This game can be considered as a combination of Animal Crossing and Harry Potter.

Game Play

The game play is identical to that of Animal Crossing's. Players create their custom avatar and control the character as they go about the town. The main difference is the magical twist this game places on the Animal Crossing formula.


  • Vast customization options for characters, magical spells, clothing, and the dorm room.
  • Takes place in real-time depending on your DS' time settings.
  • Numerous adventures and puzzles to be solved.
  • Plenty of characters to interact with.
  • Nintendo WFC compatible, allowing players to join in groups of up to four to play together.

  • Hardware Info

    Single DS cart
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    You're a magic student and you learn spells and stuff. I've heard there is an objective, but I can't figure it out. MagiciansQuestMysteriousTimes DS
    • Genre: Life Sims
    • Developer: Konami
    • Publisher: Konami
    • Released
      North AmericaMay 5, 2009
      EuropeMar 13, 2009
      JapanNov 13, 2008
    • Player Info:
    • Offline Co-op (2-4)
    • Online Co-op (2-4)
    • Also known as:
    • Tongari Boushi to Mahou no 365 Nichi in Japan
    • Enchanted Folk and the School of Wizardry in Europe
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