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Madden NFL is back in its 2005 season. Face off against many various teams such as the New England Patriots, Oakland Raiders, New York Giants, and many more. Or you can create your own team and players. The goal is to win as many football games until you can get into the Super Bowl.


The biggest sports franchise of all time storms onto a new field of play with a new way to play. Madden NFL 2005 for the Nintendo DS is the deepest, most realistic-looking handheld sports game ever created. The stadium comes to life with unprecedented 3D graphics on a handheld, and you can play through entire seasons with the depth and authenticity you expect from Madden NFL. Use the Touch Screen for intuitive control: call plays while your players huddle on the field, track all 22 players, and call audibles at the line of scrimmage. Madden NFL 2005 is Madden Football in the palm of your hand.


  • Lose the Wires — Play Madden NFL 2005 wirelessly against players across the room
  • Best-Ever Graphics — Featuring the finest 3D graphics available on a handheld unit, including authentic uniforms and detailed player portraits.
  • Incredibly Deep Gameplay — With a full Season Mode, detailed player attributes, and other game modes including Situation Mode and 2 Minute Drill, there's plenty to keep you busy.
  • Put Some Touch on the Ball — Take control of your game faster and easier than ever before with a quick touch of the screen. Use the touchpad to select plays, call audibles at the line of scrimmage, and maneuver the kicking meter.
  • Twice the Vision — See where all 22 players are on the field on one screen while controlling the key action in the other.
  • Breakthrough Gameplay — Air it out with 5-receiver sets or let your QB create havoc with his legs as well as him arms with all-new scrambling ability.

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