Madden NFL is back for the new season with deep and unique gaming experiences that will truly immerse sports fans of all ages, skill levels and playing styles.


  • Level the playing field: An all-new Adaptive Difficulty Engine assesses your proficiency in the core skills areas of football, then tailors the experience to match your playing style. An innovative, all-new virtual Training Center allows you to fine-tune your game in a holographic environment, while EA SPORTS BackTrack provides customized feedback, giving you a chance to learn from your mistakes. Then, take what you've learned and run the play again with EA SPORTS Rewind.
  • Beyond broadcast presentation: Set your sights on the Vince Lombardi Trophy in an all-new network television-style broadcast as Cris Collinsworth and Tom Hammond call the action from the booth. A more immersive and visually stunning presentation package also includes a new Options OnDemand Picture-in-Picture playcall window giving you access to a wealth of stats, customized tips, and in-game options, all at your fingertips without having to pause the game.
  • New look and feel: With an enhanced graphics engine and new player models, linemen battle in the trenches with more bulky physiques, while backs and receivers fly around the field with a more sleek and slimmer look. Featuring the most realistic-looking grass and field turf ever in a sports game, new weather and stadium lighting effects, and active exterior stadium views, Madden NFL 09 is hands down the best looking sports game ever made!
  • Most authentic gameplay ever: Built from the ground up, an all-new Total Control Animation System allows for instantaneous combo moves while bringing new aspects to the game, including missed field goal returns, bobble catches, wrap-up/break-out tackles, user controlled celebrations, and more.

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Jul 28, 11 5:06am
Not as fun as Madden 08 but its still holds the Madden name high MaddenNFL09 X360
GrandMoffDaizo and 4 others own Madden NFL 09
Jason Bourne
Mar 29, 10 7:56am
Is enjoyable MaddenNFL09 PS3
Jul 16, 09 8:00pm
I used to own it MaddenNFL09 PS3
Jul 06, 09 1:12pm
Great game MaddenNFL09 PS3
Jan 24, 09 12:39pm
Bearly Played it MaddenNFL09 PS3
Four Shots
Dec 28, 08 12:03am
Good sports game. MaddenNFL09 PS3
Dec 06, 08 10:19am
9/10 MaddenNFL09 PS3
Xenctuary blogged
Nov 26, 08 1:07am

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Jul 12, 08 10:10am
looks cool MaddenNFL09 PS3
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