LifeSigns: Surgical Unit Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 6.0/10

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LifeSigns: Surgical Unit Reviews

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Thunderbolt 6/10 Jan 06 '08
GameSpot 6.5/10 Jan 06 '08
IGN DS 5.5/10 Nov 15 '07
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LifeSigns: Surgical Unit Previews

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IGN DS Aug 24 '07
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Quoted from LifeSigns: Surgical Unit Reviews:
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"A mostly successful operation with a couple of unsightly scars."
"It's worth pointing here that although LifeSigns sounds extremely similar to Trauma Center, the two are actually rather different. First of all the operations in LifeSigns seem more realistic than its fellow medical DS title. For example, during our heart op we had to cut through several layers of skin and muscle before cracking open the rib cage with a saw. This level of realism is also mirrored in the graphics, which show throbbing internal organs and skin that's been sliced by a knife. It certainly seems weird that with this level of detail, JoWood is hoping the game is going to be popular among female gamers - we almost passed out when we started sawing through bones. The other difference in LifeSigns is that you don't select what tools to use during objectives, instead saws, needles or stitches are automatically chosen for you. This is actually quite useful when you're trying to blast through a section and don't accidentally choose the wrong items."
"I admit, the characters in this game occasionally made me smile. But they weren’t nearly charming enough to justify the hours and hours of wandering and chatting through this dull, unfocused game. Lifesigns: Surgical Unit definitely sets itself apart from Trauma Center and Phoenix Wright, but in a bad way. It’s a polished, thought-out adventure, but it also feels incredibly pointless and at times achingly dull. The game needed some streamlining, or at least more pressing decision-making within all these conversations, rather than mindless drag and drop. Unlike Trauma Center, which cuts straight to the meat of the gameplay, Lifesigns: Surgical Unit leaves players in the waiting room."
"When you do eventually get to the surgeries themselves, you’ll be held by the hand at all times, much like Trauma Center’s tutorial levels. However, in that game, you were given free reign as you progressed. Not so much here. When it’s time to make an incision with the electric scalpel, your assistant will hand the instrument to you followed by a brief lecture from your supervisor."