Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga Own / Want List

Username Comments
ShadowNc None
Thundora_Rules None
WangChung None
supa weebl None
bohric None
Turtwig King None
Mightyena392111 None
GameGirrl34 None
rjlefty96 None
rocketRD None
Derekx None
Gaming Pickle None
J Mud None
Diego392817 None
rougvie83 None
Heigou12321 None
pokedude2 None
Trogdor_002 All red and gold blocks collected. All unlockables purchased.
ARMaster None
jmanbassdude None
slayer6409 None
fishboy13 AY
Pelican None
Gnaws None
alex and Infernape ok but not the best
Lego DS None
stott25 None
Gamewizard71 None
FatPuffin None
Gunblade None
Clyde1998 Good Game
Zacshack174 I love the lego games.
blackmetal889 None
fireclaw97 None
Joshman14487 None
shannonj_laa None
Markimus_123 I cant believe i actually spent time on this game. Not worth it at all, graphics are awful and the gameplay is suicidal.
deathrock horrible
Cheeseman None
GamerExpertBrianN None
thetruegamer78 None
Blaster591 None
sonicshadowboy None
darthwilldude None
Extramega1 None
gamerboy37 None
Konchuma15 None
coolbreeze33 None
rhyswl None
MrVideoGames None