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Product Wiki Description: Pokémon will teach you how to type, as you can use your keyboard and your typing skills to battle and catch Pokémon.

Flex those fingers and get ready to embark on an entirely new Pokémon adventure in Learn With Pokémon: Typing Adventure for Nintendo DS! Your typing skills will be put to the test as you try to capture and research over 400 Pokémon. Using the Nintendo Wireless Keyboard, you can start off slowly as you get used to the exercises and improve your finger placement, and gradually...
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Release Date (North America):Apr 20, 2011 submit new
Release Date (Europe):Sep 21, 2012 submit new
Release Date (Japan):Apr 21, 2011 submit new
Release Date (Australia):none submitted submit new
Perspective:First Person submit new
Themes:Fantasy submit new
Publisher:Nintendo submit new
Developer:Genius Sonority submit new
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Product official URL:===Official URL===
Official Site (UK)
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Alternate Titles:Battle & Get! Pokémon Typing DS (Japan)
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