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The story of Kirby: Squeak Squad begins with thieving mice called the Squeaks stealing Kirby's snack as well as a ton of Dream Land treasures. With no choice but to pursue them, Kirby sets out after them, trying to retrieve the treasures and to punish them for taking his snack. Play as Kirby as he copies, floats, jumps, and battles his way to the Squeaks.


As in most of his games, Kirby will be able to copy the abilities of certain enemies by inhaling and swallowing them. New to the series are interactive environments, which obstacles passable with copy abilities (examples: freezing water to get across with the Ice ability, or cutting down tall tufts of grass with his Sword ability). Kirby will also be able to collect and store copy abilities and items in his stomach, which is represented on the touch screen. The player can also create a roulette, by dragging one copy ability over another with the stylus. The roulette stops on a random power, including some special powers only accessable through the roulette.

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it's awsome!almost as awsome as super star ultra. KirbySqueakSquad DS
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I love the Kirby games but this one was just too easy. KirbySqueakSquad DS
Fun game like pretty much all kirbies KirbySqueakSquad DS
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