Kirby: Canvas Curse Action Replay Codes

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Infinite Health (DS) North America Master

220da2d8 00000020
221121c8 00000020
220da41c 00000063
220da494 00000063
020DA33C 00000005
020EC01B 00000005
Start Level With Normal Copy Ability (Poksicle)
020DA33C 00000000
020EC01B 00000000

Start Level With Spark Copy Ability (Poksicle)
020DA33C 00000001
020EC01B 00000001

Start Level With Freeze Copy Ability (Poksicle)
020DA33C 00000002
020EC01B 00000002

Start Level With Beam Copy Ability (Poksicle)
020DA33C 00000003
020EC01B 00000003

Start Level With Stone Copy Ability (Poksicle)
020DA33C 00000004
020EC01B 00000004

Start Level With Wheel Copy Ability (Poksicle)
020DA33C 00000005
020EC01B 00000005

Start Level With Tornado Copy Ability (Poksicle)
020DA33C 00000006
020EC01B 00000006

Start Level With Needle Copy Ability (Poksicle)
020DA33C 00000007
020EC01B 00000007

Start Level With Burning Copy Ability (Poksicle)
020DA33C 00000008
020EC01B 00000008

Start Level With Crash Copy Ability (Poksicle)
020DA33C 00000009
020EC01B 00000009

Start Level With Missile Copy Ability (Poksicle)
020DA33C 0000000A
020EC01B 0000000A

Start Level With Balloon Copy Ability (Poksicle)
020DA33C 0000000B
020EC01B 0000000B

Play As Kirby (Poksicle)
020DA314 00000000

Play As Waddle Dee (Poksicle)
020DA314 00000001

Play As King DeDeDe (Poksicle)
020DA314 00000002

Play As Meta Knight (Poksicle)
020DA314 00000003

Play As Waddle Doo (Poksicle)
020DA314 00000004

Infinite Health (DS) North America

Infinite Health
220da2d8 00000020
221121c8 00000020

Gives you Infinite Health

Infinite Lives (DS) North America

Infinite Lives
220da41c 00000063

Gives you Infinite Lives

Max Stars Code (DS) North America

Max Stars
220da494 00000063

Gives you Max Stars

Play as Codes (DS) North America


020da314 00000000
Waddle Dee

020da314 00000001
King DeDeDe

020da314 00000002
Meta Knight

020da314 00000003
Waddle Doo

020da314 00000004

Infinite Drawing line for Canvas Curve (DS) North America

120DA6F0 00000550

This code will give you an infinite drawing line.

Infinite Draw Line and Infinite Time in Time Trail (DS) North America

I made the codes.

Infinite Draw Line
02105960 00000200

This will make it so you can draw as many lines you want.
It also works for the goal minigame.

Infinite Time in Time Trail
320DA6FC 00000000

Freezes the seconds counter at 0.

You can use the codes if you want.
It only took me 5 minutes to find it.