Jam with the Band Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.5/10

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Jam with the Band Reviews

website score publish date
DS Advanced 9/10 Feb 05 '05
www.n-philes.com A+ Sep 26 '05
Game Power Australia  --- Oct 11 '04
Kikizo Games 8.0/10 Feb 23 '05
NTSC-uk 8/10 Jan 20 '05
Total Games 80% Jul 13 '05
EuroGamer 8/10 May 20 '10
Games Radar 8/10 Jun 24 '10
Planet GameCube 9.0/10 Jan 20 '05
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Jam with the Band Previews

website publish date
www.gamingevolution.info Mar 26 '05
GameSpot Oct 07 '04
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EuroGamer on Nov 27 '10

"Melody maker."

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Games Radar on Nov 12 '10

" For those approaching Jam with the Band at its most basic level, it acts as a Guitar Hero-style rhythm action game that has you pushing varying combinations of buttons in time with the music. As..."

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NTSC-uk on Feb 24 '05

"If you bought a DS for the reasons Nintendo hoped - in order to play something different - then Band Brothers is a game you should already own."

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Planet GameCube on Jan 21 '05

"The performance mode and its Nintendo music is enough to recommend a purchase, but the game's strong multiplayer support and competent music editor makes Band Bros. a system seller."

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