Horse Life is a riding and training simulator. In this game, you are given a horse and told to care for and train him in order to become a world-famous rider. Players can enter competitions in the three categories of steeplechase, dressage, and cross-country. As you win competitions, more items for your horse will be unlocked, as well as more advanced competitions until you are able to compete in the eventing category at the national level. Apart from competing, your horse needs to be taken care of in order to be healthy enough to advance in the competitions. Use the stylus to brush him, bathe him, take him on trail rides, feed him, and train him, in order to keep him fit and content. Once you complete the main game, you are able to continue caring for your horse and competing in freestyle mode.


  • Select the horse of your dreams from three breeds and give your new foal a name
  • Learn the basics of riding, jumping and caring for your horse
  • Compete in events like cross country, dressage, and jumping
  • Earn money to spend at the store and purchase riding outfits, equipment, or special treats for your horse
  • Earn prestige awards to unlock in-game bonuses, including a new horse breed
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