Harvest Moon DS Action Replay Codes

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R+Down: Rewind Time (DS) North America

R+Down: Rewind Time
94000130 0000027f
d3000000 023d6afc
d9000000 00000000
d4000000 ffffffdf
d6000000 00000000
d2000000 00000000

Max/Infinite Money (DS) North America

Max/Infinite Money
023d6b08 05f5e0ff

Extra Stamina (DS) North America

Extra Stamina.
223d6b06 000000ff.

i hope this helps.

R+Up: Advance Time (DS) North America

R+Up: Advance Time
94000130 000002bf
d3000000 023d6afc
d9000000 00000000
d4000000 00000020
d6000000 00000000
d2000000 00000000

Max Pedometer Steps (DS) North America

Max Pedometer Steps
323ddf20 3b9ac9ff
023ddf20 3b9ac9ff

Infinte Time Petting Records (DS) North America

Always wanted to have the fastest time petting records on all your animals? Use this code.

123B36D8 0000FFF1
rating: 5/5

All 4 Mines Unlocked (DS) North America

This will unlock every mine to play.

023DDF40 0000FF00

Invisible on Horse (DS) North America

While using your D-pad (arrow keys), you can be invisible!

222C5414 00000000

Infinte Stone/Wood Smashing (DS) North America

This will display in your file log you have smashed 1 billion stones and cut 1 billion pieces of wood.

1 Billion Unearthed Soil
023DDF70 3B9ACA00

1 Billion Broken Stones
023DDF6C 3B9ACA00

Infinite water (DS) North America

Infinite Water (Watering Can)

2214baad 00000063

I hope this helps you a lot