Harvest Moon: Harvest Sprite's Station a.k.a. Harvest Moon DS makes full use of the Touch Screen. The top screen is always controlling you but the bottom screen functions depend on what you're doing. Your inventory and menus will be in the screen below. There you can see and use your items. You can also access maps, your diary and other menus from here. When you are talking to someone your character and the other will appear on the lower screen and converse. When you are watching someone else talk the two characters will appear on the lower screen and talk. When caring for animals
a large diagram of the animal appears on the bottom screen. Depending on the animal you can wash, sheer, brush, milk and give treats to them. It also shows their stats.


- two screens for action, speech and inventory
- all new characters and mixed old ones
- all new redesigned town
- new animal care and system
- raise animals like sheep, ducks and cows

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So I went through a faze of wanting every Harvest Moon game, and I still don't own a singe one... HarvestMoonDS DS

The use of previous characters is quite clever and the way they mix up the characters...

"American Import and it's full of glitches and impossible to play HarvestMoonDS DS
American Import and it's full of glitches and inpossible to play... HarvestMoonDS DS
Oh great lol just saved my new game on slot 2 onto slot 1 so has to start ALL OVER AGAIN GRRRR HarvestMoonDS DS
Used the billionaire glitch last winter now has every buiding possible on my farm, about to propose to Muffy or Leia (Can't decide!!!) HarvestMoonDS DS
trying to get my wifes love back because i killed my sheep D: im nvr getting another animal again! HarvestMoonDS DS
Basically 'A Wonderful Life' on the gamecube, but on the DS, it's still a good game though! HarvestMoonDS DS
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