In Disney's Hannah Montana, thirteen-year-old Miley Stewart lives a double life as girl-next-door and a pop sensation -- and someone is threatening to reveal Miley's secret! Playing as Miley, gamers must use spy skills and gadgetry to investigate their school, the boardwalk, the stadium, and the beach to uncover hidden clues and solve the mystery of who it is that knows the secret.


  • Play as Miley or her best friend Lilly
  • Collect clues and combine items in order to uncover three original mysteries with unique adventures
  • Uncover hidden clues using helpful gadgets
  • Talk with your favorite characters from the show using an interactive branching dialogue and gesture system to make your choices
  • Ride the streets of Malibu with Lilly on her skateboard, rollerblades or scooter in time-based challenges
  • Access Hannah's secret wardrobe and design personalized clothes to share with others via the wireless mode on the DS
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