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Your favorite game series hits the handheld! Guitar Hero: World Tour brings your favorite music simulation game to the Nintendo DS.


With a special part that connects to the DS, it has a green, red, yellow and blue buttons. Us the touch screen to strum, and look at the top screen for the actuall game.

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spartanguy10 and 20 others played Guitar Hero: On Tour
Never. Ever. Make another GH game for DS. Please. Not to mention this game's just a Frankenstein of all previous GHs. GuitarHeroOnTour DS
Okay Game until you beat it. GuitarHeroOnTour DS
Didnt really feel like a Guitar Hero game. Maybe coz thers no guitar. GuitarHeroOnTour DS
This isn't the best of games. They should not have put this on the DS. GuitarHeroOnTour DS

Okay, I have always liked Guitar Hero games, but this one is a huge disappointment. I...


It is a strange concept to anyone that Guitar Hero could possibly be on the DS. But...


Guitar Hero: On Tour (Nintendo DS)

When Guitar Hero makes a transition to the DS, what...

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7.0 / 10