Guilty Gear Dust Strikers Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 6.2/10

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Guilty Gear Dust Strikers Reviews

website score publish date article quality
CheatCC 3/5 May 15 '06
DS Nintendo Life 5/10 Aug 31 '07
GamePro 4/5 Apr 25 '06
Thunderbolt 6/10 Jul 09 '06
Worthplaying 6/10 May 19 '06
Game Chronicles Magazine 6.8/10 May 17 '06
GameSpot 5.5/10 May 03 '06
IGN DS 6.0/10 Apr 25 '06
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Guilty Gear Dust Strikers Previews

website publish date article rating
1UP Nov 02 '05
Gamespy Nov 07 '05
IGN DS Nov 07 '05
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Quoted from Guilty Gear Dust Strikers Reviews:
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"Dust Strikers defies convention for the worse, resulting in an awkward and frustrating fighting game."
"Instead of standard Guilty Gear brawling on a single 2D level, the DS version pushes the battle out to both DS screens for a sprawling battle across both the top and bottom screen."
"Guilty Gear DS is an all new vision of the franchise, and while it doesn’t have the solid gameplay or flow of the original, it’s great to see developers take a chance. Unfortunately, fans will want to pass this one up, as more things were added to the fix-it list than were taken out. The gameplay is sloppy and basic, the characters suffer from less of an animation budget on the smaller system, and the overall feel just isn’t worthy of the Guilty Gear name. There’s a bit of fun to be had on the most basic of levels, but the overall strategy is far too small."