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First released for the Nintendo DS in 2009, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars returns players to Liberty City as new protagonist Huang Lee, the son of a Triad leader who must enter the Asian criminal underworld to recover a stolen family heirloom while uncovering his father's murderer.

In the vein of the original GTA titles, Chinatown Wars returns the action to a top-down viewpoint now with a rotatable camera. In addition to the storyline missions that take players across familiar Liberty City destinations (except Alderney), players can also enter the illegal drug trade and attempt to profit based on market demand throughout the city.

Chinatown Wars was the first entry in Rockstar's action adventure franchise to incorporate support for touchscreen controls during gameplay, later leveraged for future GTA ports to Apple's iOS devices.

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In outstandingly awesome fashion, Rockstar Games has made every radio station from Grand Theft Auto III in 2001... posted Apr 11, 13 5:14pm

Jan 26, 13 8:52pm
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Feb 19, 12 10:24am
Its a real fun and addictive game, well worth the time spent playing. (: GrandTheftAutoChinatownWars iPhone
Dimitri Blinov
Oct 06, 11 11:31pm
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Jul 07, 10 9:06pm
do not rally like this game could ask questions DONE WITH WHOLE GAME GrandTheftAutoChinatownWars DS
Apr 07, 10 2:21am
lots of mini missions GrandTheftAutoChinatownWars DS
need for speed guy12
Apr 04, 10 8:32pm
great for the ipod GrandTheftAutoChinatownWars DS
Mar 01, 10 6:41pm
This is a really boring game once you pass it. GrandTheftAutoChinatownWars DS
Feb 20, 10 12:13pm
Awesome! So much effort in a little DS! So much fun! GrandTheftAutoChinatownWars DS
Jan 19, 10 3:50pm
Handheld! GrandTheftAutoChinatownWars DS
Dec 06, 09 7:37pm
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i love grand theft auto cuz its funny when i kill people GrandTheftAutoChinatownWars DS
Jul 06, 09 12:00pm
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