Insanity Prevails' Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Review

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Duncan Idaho Jun 7, 11
I have to make some points about this:

a) Unlimited blade works? i'd say it's her version of Babylon's gate courtesy of the King of Heroes.

b) I agree that this game feels to linear.

c) And my last point, that i feel you forgot to put on the spotlight some plot points that should been fixed along the way or resolved.
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Insanity Prevails Jun 28, 11
Yeah, Gate of Babylon is also a fair comparison. I just thought of UBW first probably because I'm more familiar with it.

Thanks for reading through and leaving a comment.
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Duncan Idaho Jun 28, 11
NP, i have not finished previous GS, but i know the gist of them and this only added questions rather than answers, i wonder if there will be a 3DS or WiiU sequel.