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Charge up your Superhero Attacks and be a super-cool superhero. An evil army is on the march. Confront it and save the day in this superhero action game. Each time you defeat an enemy with a Hero Attack, your Hero Gauge goes up. Then, with simple button commands, you can use the charged-up Hero Gauge to unleash powerful Superhero Attacks on your foes. Continue to land Hero Attacks to keep the Hero Gauge charged and perform a devastating chain of Superhero Attacks. After you destroy the lesser enemies, a boss will appear. Defeat it to clear the level.

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North America: 200 Points http://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/ER7NSVK_kQELM0UYbZW6XiZyunw03RcR
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This is fun, but it gets pretty hard as you go along. GGSeriesSuperHeroOgre DS

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