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"Garfield's A Tail of Two Kitties" sees our favorite feline hunting for lasagna in this platform game for Nintendo DS. Based on the Garfield's second Movie, the game mixes 2D gameplay with 3D visuals while using both screens and the built-in microphone.


• Game play is a mix of fun platform activities, puzzles, sliding challenges and mazes.
• Garfield will face hazards such as large open fires and spiked objects, which he will either have to avoid or remove.
• Use Garfield's smarts – and sometimes his weight - to overcome the obstacles
• Collect food throughout the levels to maintain Garfield's energy level.
• Compete in "Timed Mode" in order to improve the level time and attempt to beat the level record.
• See the game through Garfield's eyes with a unique first person view!
• Experience multiple paths in several levels.
• The game takes full advantage of the newest Nintendo DS® abilities like Dual Screen and the microphone.
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