Fossil Fighters Own / Want List

Username Comments
WereJackal None
AlbertOppong None
g4m37r0n None
Blazitang789 None
apk24 None
pokemonbub2 None
matthew125438970 pretty fun im stuck though
TheFallenDragonWhisp None
reptile_rampage None
flamenate2009 None
FossilFanatic I am a MASTER FIGHTER..who is past the first Chapter. I am trying to get the idol component for the time machine.And Im stuck!!
xXInuyashaXx I Love this game even though you have to be a boy, and I'm not a boy!
darkdude24 None
Kai Izeke Asakura None
ramzaboulve None
ShadowDragon1 None
Dragonicattack67 None
lemandro None
Zero101213 None
Fire_Phoenix None
guilmon 2712 None
TheShinyMew None
PokemasterD None
supergoji18 None
Ultimate Tenkaichi None
GokuFreak9000 None
Jeremiah None