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Flower, Sun, and Rain Reviews

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DS Nintendo Life 4/10 Apr 14 '09
Game Freaks 365 7.6/10 Jul 09 '09
Gaming Evolution 7/10 Jul 08 '09
Nintendo World Report 4/10 Aug 13 '09
TheAge 2.5/5 Feb 12 '09
Thunderbolt 5/10 Jan 17 '09
1UP C Jun 16 '09
Destructoid 3/10 Sep 03 '09
EuroGamer 5/10 Nov 05 '08
Kombo DS 3.0/10 Jul 09 '09
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Flower, Sun, and Rain Previews

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"First produced for the PlayStation 2 in 2001, Flower, Sun, and Rain (FSR) was Grasshopper Manufacture's second game. Now that the studio and its founder, Goichi Suda, have gained a little more recognition, it's finally been brought to the DS. FSR is the story of Sumio Mondo, a "searcher" -- a sort of jack-of-all-trades for hire. His latest job takes him to the island of Lospass, where the manager of the Flower, Sun, and Rain hotel asks him to stop an impending terrorist attack at the airport. At first, the job seems easy: remote island, classy hotel...just head off the bad guys at the pass and go home. But he's stalled on his way to the airport, and by the end of the day, he sees the plane fly overhead and explode. And then it happens the next day, and the day after, and so on for the span of 18 days. Mondo doesn't actively try to figure out what's going on; rather, the hotel manager, Edo, pushes him along as an ever-growing cast of characters present him with problems that keep him from getting to the airport. As each "mystery of the day" comes to a close, Mondo uses a briefcase device (which he calls Catherine) to jack into ports he finds on objects (or, in a couple of occasions, somebody's eye). Then, he puts in a certain number, and magically, a door opens -- metaphorical or otherwise."
"So we're a little late with this review of Flower, Sun and Rain, but cut us some slack, interpreting and attempting to understand a Suda51 game takes some time (plus some patience). Since we're a..."
"The dating game."
"Flower, Sun and Rain is a nice port of the PS2 cult classic. The story is full of twists and turns and will more than likely keep any Suda51 (the game's eccentric designer; also the designer of No More Heroes for Wii) fan on the edge of their seats, and any casual gamer wondering what drug they accidentally took."
"It's a shame that a game with so much promise in the areas that maybe we underestimate in games such as the story and scripting, can fare so badly in the audiovisual experience and general gameplay."