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Fire Emblem makes its glorious return to the handhelds with Fire Emblem DS. It is an enhanced remake of the first Fire Emblem game for the Nintendo Famicom (Japan's version of the NES).

One hundred years prior to the game's setting the Doluan Empire launched an invasion of the Akanea continent. A young hero from Altea, a boy called Anri weilding the divine Falchion sword, defeated the leader of the Doluan Empire, the Shadow Dragon Medeus.

One hundread years later Medeus has returned to the land and has joined forces with a ruler called Garnef. Together they attack Akanea once again. The burden falls to Marth, who must set out to defeat Medeus in order to restore his fallen empire.


Fire Emblem DS is expected to follow the same gameplay style as its predecessors. By moving your characters around a map grid, you fight enemies and try to complete objectives like routing all enemies or their boss, seizing a particular location, or even escape missions. Each character, unlike most Tactical RPGs, are unique and possess different and deep personalities. The fighting system is based on a rock-paper-scissor system where one type of weapon is stronger than one weapon and weaker to another. For example, Swords beat Axes, Axes beat Lances, and Lances beats Swords. A trademark of the Fire Emblem series is permanent death. Any character who dies in Fire Emblem stays dead in most cases. This makes the player more cautious while planning out strategies and offers a higher level of challenge than most games. A new feature introduced in the series is the ability to change a character's class, to other classes similiar, but not identical to it, allowing more versatility with character choices.

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Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon is truly an awful game. It takes all the advancements that...

it's *bleep*ing terrible. Don't buy it. FireEmblemShadowDragon DS
This is additionally hard for me since I rarely accept losing a unit. FireEmblemShadowDragon DS
hate how cant have starlight and orb when dragon stones wear to fast to lvl tiki with out the orb and not really enough time to lvl her... FireEmblemShadowDragon DS
not worthy of being a favorite FireEmblemShadowDragon DS
A good Fire Emblem game. The graphics are kinda average though, but the I find the story mode to be quite intruiging. FireEmblemShadowDragon DS
Defeated Medeus. Going through again to see if I can have NO deaths at all. BTW: Caeda + Marth! XD FireEmblemShadowDragon DS
Made it to Endgame: Chosen by Fate. FireEmblemShadowDragon DS

This game has received harsh criticism from die hard Fire Emblem fans, whether it be...


Alright, in the first place we will take the role of Marth, a prince who just lost his...

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