Element's Final Fantasy IV Review

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kokushishin Oct 27, 09
As far as anyone knows Matrix did not use the GBA version (which was developed by TOSE), so the whole "X was removed" makes little sense.

All of the temps got new or boosted abilities making them more useful immediately.

Rydia actually has five whips and she's usually better off with the Stardust Rod anyway.
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Element Oct 27, 09
That doesn't change the fact that its terrible.
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Insanity Prevails Oct 30, 09
To be honest, I don't see why you consider the game to be so bad. I won't pretend that some of the problems you've noted don't exist (though frankly I think you're blowing the others way out of proportion) but I didn't consider them game breaking enough to drag the score down so low.

This is the only version of FFIV I've played, but I can't imagine playing another version would alter my view that drastically. Still, I suppose this is the nature of opinions.