Easy Piano includes a piano keyboard that attaches to the Nintendo DS™, allowing you to play over 30 songs, compose your own music on the go, and learn about music from a digital coach.

Master pop, jazz, and classical tunes including "Alright", "Come Away With Me", and "Enjoy the Silence" using the keyboard or your stylus.

Record and edit performances from the piano keyboard, or write directly to the staff using your stylus, and save up to three compositions!


  • Includes a piano keyboard attachment for the Nintendo DS™.
  • Play along with over 30 songs.
  • Includes pop tunes like "Alright", "Come Away With Me", and "Enjoy the Silence".
  • Compose music by recording from the keyboard, or writing notes on the staff.
  • Improve your music skills with 10 lessons and activities led by a digital tutor.

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