Dragon Quest IV Own / Want List

Username Comments
WereJackal None
Akira_EX None
Mystic None
CrystalLaser None
Asch None
Khirsah None
Cangriman None
Gamesta100 None
lucedeoangel None
Dresken None
Avalith None
kokushishin None
Lukaeu None
Zacky12345 None
Rasmus8333 None
G U E S T None
Owned None
Bleeding Thumbs None
solidfranz None
Adam 12 Sweet I liked DW 4 i was real happy when this game DQ 4 came to the DS Thanx Square Enix
NihilisticToast None
wardragon362 None
Jacen4789 None
Machewman None
titsmagee None
Dilza93 None
CAGarber None
talmar None
alphador 9.5/10
Markimus_123 Havent played it long enough to find out if its gud or bad.
Mika1 None
waterlemons46 This is a very good RPG and I recommend it to anybody who liked the previous ones or a newbie to dragon quest
ZalsViCH7 None
MuddShark None
DragonXYZ None
CoarseDragon None
Inexpectatus None
chowder113 None
R_ko None
MegaGreatAwesome62 None
Throwerguy None
PhAnTaSmEr None
Vexed None
deadmeow None
LaFoL None
Tifabelle None
ShadeofDiamonds None
RomanticSwords None
TheShinyHunters None