As Max or Rex, members of a dinosaur-hunting team called the D-Kids, excavate realistic dinosaur fossils from all over the world using the Touch Screen; you'll even blow off the dirt covering them using the DS microphone. Once you bring them to life in 3D with the amazing DinoShot invention, take your favorite beast into battle. Collect and trade over 100 unique species of dinosaurs as you journey to stop the evil Alpha Gang from using the mighty creatures to take over the world. With special moves and various battle strategies, you and a friend will have a blast competing head-to-head to find out who is the ultimate king of the dinosaurs!


  • Over 100 dinosaurs with special moves. Battles are full of excitement and surprises with over 240 special dinosaur moves to master.

  • Dinosaur Encyclopedia. Once you unearth a fossil, look up your dinosaurs' genealogy, era, stats and the area of the world where they once lived.

  • Dinosaurs change and develop. As you battle, your dinosaurs will become more powerful with experience points, allowing them access to new moves and tricks.

  • Five exotic areas to explore. Excavate in North America, Asia, Europe, Antarctica and Africa to unearth the actual dinosaurs of those regions.

  • Upgradeable dinosaur-hunting equipment. Complete mini-quests to earn equipment upgrades that will help you through the widely-varying terrain you will encounter on your journeys.

  • Battle and trade via Wi-Fi. Enter into fast-paced dinosaur battles and trade rare items as well as dinosaurs with friends via Wi-Fi.

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