Diddy Kong Racing DS Own / Want List

Username Comments
Pokemon cheater 8.4
CarRamrod None
Giga Bowser None
Scrooge McDuck Very good Game! You have to buy it!
Lesley Pro_04 None
azurice None
beste spellen NOT FOR SALE
DarkLink89 None
Arietta None
MiseryMidnight AWESOME
Charlie This game sucks
Inuyasha None
Dethfan None
up Luigi 64 None
Sissa None
joshismyname12 None
Kai_0293 None
hi19 None
Brawl Master1 None
Umbrin123 None
Hannah_Montana_Fan None
Arceus Master None
Flamedragon None
dogman15 None
hero_in_disguise ?
pokemon_dude82 None
mr mga mario None
Zeta None
Trogdor_002 Story mode complete. All balloons aquired. All characters unlocked. All upgrades purchased.
MarioGamer None
SirBiznatchII i cant beat wizig!!!
Mister Noob None
therex None
Dark Silver Gamestop.
Monferno None
Untitled123 None
shadowbandit02 None
D24 None
Neouser None
helloHayley None
Lollipop Luvr This game is really fun. Yes once you've completed it once it becomes so easy that you can finish it over and over again but it's still a great buy!
smrman None
Niemo None
J3sU58D None
supermariotime74 None
Colus None
zach01 None
Ragic None
pc1 None
trapeze179 None