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Dementium: The Ward tells the tale of a man who awakens to find himself alone in a mysterious, derelict hospital that is frozen in time. Confronted by the deadly, grotesque surgical experiments that wander the halls, a series of challenging puzzles and a cast of peculiar characters, he must face his deepest fears, unlock the mysteries of the hospital, and escape with his life.


The Ward takes advantage of the unique properties of the Nintendo DS system with touch-screen exploration, puzzles, and Wi-Fi multiplayer gameplay. Using the Nintendo DS touch-screen to look and aim provides the player with an enhanced sensation of freedom and control. The dynamic real-time flashlight immerses the player deep into the game's eerie atmosphere and allows the player to search the dark corridors of the hospital.
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Mar 24, 14 2:11pm

The game is a DS gem that I will recommend to horror and non-horror fans. The story is vague and...

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got it recently, amazing game! DementiumTheWard DS
Dec 03, 07 2:08pm

The DS is the perfect hand held for fps games, yet there aren't nearly enough ds fps...

Homunculus Lover
Jul 27, 07 6:23pm
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