Deep Labyrinth Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 6.1/10

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Deep Labyrinth Reviews

website score publish date
DSReviews 6.7/10 Aug 17 '06
GameDaily 6/10 Oct 16 '06
RPGFan 48% Aug 16 '06
1UP 6.5/10 Aug 15 '06
GameSpot 6.3/10 Aug 17 '06
IGN DS 6.5/10 Aug 16 '06
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Deep Labyrinth Previews

website publish date
GameSpot May 25 '06
IGN DS May 12 '06
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1UP on Aug 17 '06

"If you're not into dungeon hacks, Deep Labyrinth certainly won't do much to win your heart. It's like a faster, more fluid King's Field, all the way down to the ugly, 3DO-quality graphics -- not..."

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GameSpot on Aug 18 '06

"This 3D role-playing game lets you explore many mazelike levels through the eyes of a sword-wielding hero, but crawling through its corridors often isn't much fun."

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IGN DS on Aug 17 '06

"If you’re thrown off easily from somewhat clunky controls and repetitive exploration, you may want to pass this one up for a more modernized RPG. For role-playing fanatics, however, Deep Labyrinth..."

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RPGFan on Apr 29 '08

"Deep Labyrinth is every generic action-RPG you've ever played overlaid with what is quite possibly one of the worst control schemes in any DS game."

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