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Danny Phantom: Urban Jungle is based on the episode Urban Jungle from the television series Danny Phantom, which airs on Nickelodeon. The game starts with Danny, Sam, and Tucker preparing to have a movie night, when what seems to be an earthquake suddenly shakes Fentonworks and then Undergrowth suddenly appears. Numerous ghosts attack the city, so it's your job to save Amity Park from all of the destruction the evil ghosts may bring.


  • Three difficulty levels (easy, normal, or hard).
  • Different tutorials, which will help you to better understand the controls.
  • Boss Battle Mode, a mode where you can fight some of the toughest enemies yet.
  • The Ghost Gallery, where you can view information you've obtained throughout the course of the game.
  • Sound Test, a place you get once you beat the game, where you can listen to the music and sound effects.
  • Multi-Card Play, a WiFi mode where you can compete wirelessly against a friend.
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