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In CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Deadly Intent, players help solve Las Vegas' most gruesome crimes with the brand new characters and cast from the latest season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. In the DS version of the game, you have to solve four exclusive cases with a total use of the stylus.

Game Play

Based on a gameplay with the stylus, you have to search for evidence by scrolling to the left or the right your screen. Once you have spotted something interesting, point on it and choose the adequate tool. Depending of the proof, you'll get different minigames and sometimes, you'll have to breathe into the micro. When you're done with a scene, you can use your telephone for accessing the GPS and choose your destination. Once in the CSI building, you can go to the lab do some analysis with Hodges or by yourself, to the morgue for the autopsy with Robbins or to Brass for an interrogation where you'll have to present the evidence to a suspect lying.


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CSI Second Take On DS

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