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Average Review Score: 3.4/10

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Crash Boom Bang! Reviews

website score publish date article quality
DS Nintendo Life 4/10 Dec 03 '06
GameSpot 4.3/10 Oct 18 '06
IGN DS 2.0/10 Oct 18 '06
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Crash Boom Bang! Previews

website publish date article rating
1UP Apr 25 '06
GameSpot Apr 21 '06
Gamespy Apr 25 '06
GameZone May 01 '06
IGN DS Apr 21 '06
IGN DS Aug 22 '06
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Quoted from Crash Boom Bang! Reviews:
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"Crash Boom Bang! is a Mario Party wannabe, ruined by crummy minigames."
"So is Crash Boom Bang any good? Well, we were mildly entertained. Some of the controls in the mini-games aren't as responsive as we'd like. Canoe Racing was particularly frustrating, and sometimes it took us several tries to get our plane to turn in Crash Shooting. Other games seem too simplistic, such as the Robot Battle, where all you do is tap where you want your robot to walk and they do all the battling for you. We genuinely had fun with the Tracing and Battle Ball games, though. But we would like to see support for more than four players, and the lack of Wi-Fi is a little disappointing. The game will probably appeal to a younger audience who might not mind the simplicity of many of the games."
"Crash! Boom! Bang! looks good, sounds pretty okay, and has had a decent amount of focus put into the multiplayer support of the Nintendo DS. It's just a terrible, terrible game with poor organization. If even a fraction of the mini-games in this product were any fun we could at least see some merit, but this Nintendo DS sends the once A-list mascot into an area usually reserved for generic, nameless furry videogame heroes for bargain budgets."