You play as a female cheif and its your job to cook delicious and outstanding meals. With the help of your stylus, you can chop the vegetables, set the table, and stir the soup. This game is to teach the players real recipes that they could learn to make themselves. Be the ultimate cook and get cooking!


This is a stylus base game, the point of the game is to use your stylus to help you create meals. Using real recipes, the player can not only cook them for real, but they can experiment in making their own dishes if they would like to try.


  • Create 76 different, real world dishes from fried eggs to cabbage meat rolls! By mastering the first 15 recipes you can unlock 61 increasingly complex bonus recipes to expand your skills in the kitchen.

  • The stylus is your master kitchen tool! Use it in more than 200 mini-games to chop, slice, pan fry, knead, grate, mash, tenderize, mix, peel, carve, roll and more. Once your dish is ready, you can even use the stylus to prepare the final layout of your meal.

  • Cool food down by blowing into the Nintendo DS microphone

  • Combine recipes to create more advanced dishes

  • Share recipes with up to 4 other people or transfer a saved game to a friend via the DS wireless link

  • Earn bronze, silver and gold medals based on the quality of your cooking

  • Practice mode lets you finetune your cooking skills without being judged

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alexwong409 and 133 others own Cooking Mama
Feb 25, 15 12:19pm
Loved it. CookingMama DS
Lua and 27 others played Cooking Mama
Lone Lab
Dec 22, 11 9:23am
A pretty good, original game. Anyone who says it's for little girls has got a screwed up mind and no life. CookingMama iPhone
Lone Lab
Aug 09, 11 6:24pm
I like cooking, but I LOVE this game! CookingMama iPhone
x Hazel Eyes x
Jul 26, 11 7:20pm
I just love this game! It's so great and fun! CookingMama iPhone
Aug 23, 10 4:35pm
I lost this game for like half the time I was in 6th grade CookingMama DS
Aug 23, 10 4:35pm
This is my first paid app CookingMama DS
Oct 14, 09 2:07pm
Playing this game makes me a little hungry... CookingMama DS
Jul 12, 09 12:27pm
This game is really fun in the beginnig but after almost completing all of the recipes its not as fun. CookingMama DS
Jun 13, 09 9:24pm
On the iPhone I have the Lite version so I can't move forward. CookingMama iPhone
Jun 13, 09 9:23pm
I don't know how to move forward. CookingMama iPhone

Go figure, it's the day after Mother's Day, and Majesco Entertainment announces a Cooking Mama milestone.  The... posted May 11, 09 4:35pm

Apr 24, 09 9:07am
good 4 a few week a suppose CookingMama DS
Apr 15, 09 12:54pm
Pretty awesome interactivity but gets boring afterwards. CookingMama DS
Apr 03, 09 2:49am first, then it got reallllly boring CookingMama DS
unknown peace
Jan 12, 09 6:57am
siblings not for sale CookingMama DS
Dec 31, 08 11:23am
o.o Okay. CookingMama DS
Fab Lauren
Dec 28, 08 4:09pm

This is a video game made for Nintendo DS it was developed by Office Create and...

The folks at PETA must really have run out of things to do.  The animal rights activist group is now targeting... posted Nov 17, 08 7:20pm

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