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Average Review Score: 7.6/10

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Contact Reviews

website score publish date article quality
AceGamez 9/10 Nov 01 '06
Etoychest 96% Nov 01 '06
RPGFan 73% Nov 15 '06
Thunderbolt 6/10 Dec 28 '06
1UP 8/10 Oct 17 '06
GameSpot 6.7/10 Nov 06 '06
IGN DS 7.5/10 Oct 19 '06
VGONetwork 7/10 Oct 20 '06
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Contact Previews

website publish date article rating
1UP Apr 13 '06
GameSpot May 11 '06
IGN DS Aug 22 '06
Kombo DS May 11 '06
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1UP on

"In short, it's an altogether enjoyable and entertaining adventure with a few rough spots. Its high-concept nature never translates into pretentiousness -- on the contrary, the English script is by..."

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GameSpot on

"A promisingly strange premise gives Contact a strong start, but the often-boring combat and exploration sequences that ensue just don't live up to it."

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"In perhaps the oddest part of the game, (one that we've yet to experience first hand), the multiplayer in Contact is set up very similar to a scaled down version of Animal Crossing. According to..."

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"Contact is an amazingly interesting title, and while it isn’t necessarily for everyone, gamers who get into the design are going to find themselves rewarded with a ton of awesome content. Contact..."

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RPGFan on

"In a nutshell, Contact's often monotonous and repetitive gameplay (especially the need to grind) made the game feel longer and more laborious than it really was. Seriously, this game is actually..."

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