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Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force for the Nintendo DS introduces kids to all new adventures in the Club Penguin world, giving players a chance to complete secret agent missions, solve mysteries and connect with friends in new ways via DGamer, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and ad hoc play. The game allows players to take on the role of a covert agent in the top secret Elite Penguin Force. Players embark on missions utilizing familiar and all-new gadgets, accessories, vehicles and locations to investigate mysterious events in the Club Penguin world. Players will be able to wirelessly connect with the virtual Club Penguin world using the Nintendo DS to unlock special features and upload coins to their online penguin account.
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Not actually mine - my brothers... ClubPenguinElitePenguinForce DS
I completed this game in less than a week ClubPenguinElitePenguinForce DS
I'm Not Really Likeing This Game. o_0 ClubPenguinElitePenguinForce DS
it's like taking the agent thing portable but with new missions! ClubPenguinElitePenguinForce DS
this was quite easy but still abit hard ClubPenguinElitePenguinForce DS
It's not TOO hard but once you finish it, and you REALLY wanna get %100, it's tough. Mini-games... (Sold) I also got Herbert's Revenge... ClubPenguinElitePenguinForce DS
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7.0 / 10
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