CHRONO TRIGGER Action Replay Codes (DS)

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Infinite Silver Points. (PSX) North America

In order to have Infinite SP, Input these codes:


All items Available. (PSX) North America

In order to have all items, input these codes:


Infinite Items. (PSX) North America

In order to have Infinite items, input these codes:


In-Battle Codes (SNES) North America

41BC9FF7 - kills enemy in 1 hit.

C19CEE0A - Party and enemies disappear in battle

C1AC2EE9 - Some moving monsters will try to flee during battle. This code may freeze the game sometimes.

C1BC1E78 - Using techniques causes enemy to die suddenly; run away and display will
claim nonexistent items were found. The battle will only end if you run away.

C1BCEE78 - Speed bar never decreases.

C1CC7EF6 - Monsters change into other monsters during combat

C1CC8E50 - Person in first slot in party has infinite MP. In battle only.

C1CCBEB0 - Robo's techs take away all MP

C1D33077 - All attacks by party and enemies do very little damage

C1D7C077 - Techs have strange effects like hitting your own party, confusing all
enemies, etc.

C1DC7E98 - Most basic attacks miss

C1DCEE98 - Party and enemies do much more damage when attacking

C1DCEE9E - Party and enemies are invincible

C1E10077 - Non-magic attacks do very little damage

C1E23077 - Magic attacks do high damage

C1EC9EA0 - All enemies die instantly when you attack. Battle will not end

C1ECBE3B - All enemies die with one hit and will die if they attack you. Party
is healed after battle.

Walk Through Walls (SNES) North America

There are two different codes for this cheat. Code #1 will allow you to walk through any walls, whether you are normally able to access the area or not. This may cause some glitching and will probably freeze the game if you aren't careful where you walk. #2 only allows you to walk through walls in places that are normally accessible and is more reliable.

Code 1 - C0884749

Code 2 - C09B47E5

Super Speed (SNES) North America


This code will allow you to run extremely fast. Unfortunately, it only works when moving in an upwards direction.

Have all Items After Battle (SNES) North America


After you win a battle, it may appear that your game has frozen. This is not the case. The game is just processing all the items you've just earned. You will earn some dummy weapons that were removed from the final version of the game and will not work under any circumstances.

Infinite MP Codes (SNES) North America

C1CC8E10 Infinite MP for lead member of party
C1CC8E30 Infinite MP for Frog
C1CC8E70 Infinite MP for Marle
C1CC8E80 Infinite MP for Ayla
C1CC8EE0 Infinite MP for Crono
C1CC9E60 Infinite MP for Robo.
C1CC9ED0 Infinite MP for Magus.

Gain all Techs (SNES) North America


This code will give your characters access to every technique available in the game.

Max Attributes (SNES) North America


This code maxes out your party's power, magic, speed, etc.