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Sylvie, a young archaeologist, is about to begin the greatest adventure of her life. Having received an invitation to France from her uncle, a renowned historian, she arrives only to discover he’s missing. Apparently, his disappearance is connected to the recent discovery of a mysterious underground chapel from the Crusades, but how? And who is trying to stop Sylvie from unveiling the truth? Save your uncle and be the first to discover the long forgotten secrets of the famed Knights Hospitaller order!

Chronicles of Mystery combines features of classic point and click adventure, with hidden object games. Use all of your logical skills to solve various puzzles to unlock clues. Players keep the investigation going by interviewing the people you meet and using their help. But be careful...no one can be fully trusted.

Game Play


* An intriguing plot with unexpected twists and secrets.
* 50 fully rendered locations.
* 14 intense and demanding mini-games.
* An excellent mix of hidden object and an adventure game.
* A special game mode Hidden World allowing you to play classic hidden object levels.

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