This is a deceptively simple puzzle game based on the DS touch-screen interface. Players have to carefully follow a path on the lower screen with the stylus according to cues on the upper screen. A challenge mode demands quick thinking, while a "checkmate" mode features more complex challenges, and two players can race each other in the versus more.


Prepare for brain-busting puzzles and fast-twitch action as you draw lines to flip black and white tiles and make patterns and puzzles disappear!


  • Ready ...set...SWITCH - As patterns relentlessly fall from the top screen, draw lines to reverse their polarity and make them disappear. The more you clear, the faster they come...
  • Use your head - A hundred single-screen puzzles await! Each can be solved by drawing a single line, so take your time and think them through. Not only that, but you can design your own puzzles and send them to a friend via wireless link!
  • Cross out your pals - Play wireless multiplayer matches against a friend; as you clear lines, they'll appear on your opponent's screen, which is visible to you on the upper screen of your DS. Clear lines with question marks on them to get power-ups that make your lines clear faster, block out your foe's border, reverse his or her tiles and more!

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The basis of this game revolves around making rows of only black or white coloured...

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The game is, in basic terms, changing some squares of black/white to match other...

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  • Genre: Puzzle Games
  • Developer: Mitchell
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Released
    North AmericaApr 18, 2005
    EuropeMar 11, 2005
    JapanDec 2, 2004
    AustraliaMar 24, 2005
  • Also known as:
  • One-Line Puzzle in North America
  • Hito Fude in North America
  • Chokkan Hito Fude in Japan
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