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Call of Duty: Black Ops is the newest installment in Activision's blockbuster Call of Duty series, and is scheduled to be released sometime in later half of 2010.

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gatekeeper1122 and 6 others played Call of Duty: Black Ops
gatekeeper1122 and 25 others own Call of Duty: Black Ops
Nov 12, 13 11:54am
Headshot Brony. Eeyup, that's me! CallOfDutyBlackOps X360
May 20, 13 5:00pm
The zombi part of the game is better then the W@W version CallOfDutyBlackOps PS3
Dec 30, 12 1:51pm
to play CallOfDutyBlackOps PC
Dec 15, 12 2:30pm
I completed story mode. I love all the call of duties. CallOfDutyBlackOps PC
Oct 11, 12 8:43am
Need moar zombie friends. Anyone interested? CallOfDutyBlackOps X360

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It sounds like someones breakin in! Its just a storm Dick, sit down. CallOfDutyBlackOps PC
nasty nappa
Jan 22, 12 3:54pm
the best of the call of duty series absaloutely fantastic with great story mode and online game play CallOfDutyBlackOps PC

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i made a clan for Cod MW:R,CoD Bo and CoD MW3(Wii&Ps3) CallOfDutyBlackOps PC
Nov 07, 11 5:29pm
Picked up on Midnight Launch 11/8/10 CallOfDutyBlackOps PC

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Sack boy
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Why So Hard CallOfDutyBlackOps PC

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Aug 05, 11 2:45pm
My brother (chaoman11) plays this game, so talk to him about it CallOfDutyBlackOps PC

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