Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Own / Want List

Username Comments
gr7757 None
Thunder850 8/10
Ryo12221 None
army12435 None
KrazyKain simply amazing... shame about the lack of wifi
0172 Best DS game in existence!
duker nuker None
Pr3tzals None
baby_Lord None
gamemastertaylor None
PangTong_Blademaster None
McAfreak None
sonyandnintendorule None
Aoyagi_Ritsuka None
unreal1298 None
crimson streak1 None
GrimR3aper None
Heralmina None
Pelican None
firegeo None
deadn00b2 None
pokemon12316 None
quest Okay 4.1/5
NickAlert None
omega64 not 2 bad but it's short
nightly_knight None
noobGOD None
wolskic None
Untitled123 None
reydinsonaquino None
canned None
dragonite it's not what i expected, i've seen better games.
J Baliski None
NARWHALS xkcd None
GreenRanger None
lexuslx570 None
Pokemon Z RPG None
eddierocks2000 None
Markimus_123 Not too bad but i think the game shud hav bin longer
Cheeseman None
littleb95 Not as good as the Xbox360 or PS3 versons
Darkjade12 None
gunguy77 None
MenosX None
gabe77 None
MrsHolly None
beboto None
re4per23 None