Bust-A-Move DS Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.4/10

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Bust-A-Move DS Reviews

website score publish date article quality
CheatCC 4.5/5 Jan 03 '06
Cubed3 8/10 Aug 08 '06
Digital Entertainment 8.5/10 Jan 24 '06
G4 4/5 Apr 04 '06
Game Freaks 365 5.5/10 Dec 27 '05
Gamerz-Edge 8.3/10 Jan 03 '06
GameShark.com B Feb 03 '06
Modojo 3/5 Jan 21 '06
MyGamer 5.8/10 Jan 18 '06
Nintendojo 8.1/10 Dec 30 '05
NintendoSpin 8/10 Dec 21 '05
Pro-G 7/10 Mar 09 '06
Thunderbolt 8/10 Feb 20 '06
UGO.com C+ Dec 20 '05
Videogame Talk 4/5 Jan 22 '06
EuroGamer 6/10 Feb 13 '06
GameSpot 7.3/10 Jan 12 '06
IGN DS 7.5/10 Dec 15 '05
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Bust-A-Move DS Previews

website publish date article rating
GameSpot Nov 04 '05
IGN DS May 20 '05
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Cubed3 on

"As far as puzzle games go, this may not be the prettiest, but it certainly is one of the most addictive, which is all that really matters with this particular genre."

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EuroGamer on

"To be interested in this game, you either have to really, really like the Bust-A-Move series and be desperate for more of the same, or have never heard of 'video games', due to the fact that you..."

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GameSpot on

"The addition of touch screen support could have ruined Bust-A-Move DS, but its solid execution, along with a great number of puzzles and economical multiplayer support, keeps things fun."

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"Surprisingly, the core gameplay isn’t hurt by the new touchscreen control. In fact, it enhances it by picking up the pace and making things a bit more frantic. Of course, if you’re a purist you..."

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Pro-G on

"Even if you've played a previous game in the series to death, this DS version is an absolute blast to play."

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