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In this exclusive storyline, new details are revealed about the BLEACH™ universe stemming from before the start of the anime series. The story highlights the close partnership between two fraternal twin Soul Reapers, Matsuri Kudo and her brother Fujimaru. For the first time, players create and command their own team of eight Soul Reapers. In team-based battles, players decide where to place their team on the campaign map and also how to customize their character’s powers with the experience points they received through winning battles.


The 3rd Phantom is a turn-based tactic game, similar to Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem. The object of each battle is to completely defeat every member of the opposing team. Whenever two characters are next to each other, they will be able to perform a tag team move that will inflict more damage on their opponent.


  • Original Storyline. Developed exclusively for the Nintendo DS. Players choose between two playable lead characters with over 30 hours of gameplay in Story mode alone.
  • Team-based Gameplay. For the first time in the series, players create and command their own team of up to eight Soul Reapers.
  • Expanded cast of popular characters. Players can choose from over 50 playable characters that are all voiced by the original voice actors from the anime series.
  • Customize your own characters. Players can choose what skills and abilities they want their team of Soul Reapers to have. Experience is gained during each fight and from there, players can choose what and how they want their characters to level up.
  • Exhilarating in-game combat. When players engage in combat, the screen changes perspective that is reminiscent of the BLEACH DS fighting games. In this view, players can watch characters engage in battle with beautifully stylized animation that looks exactly like the anime.
  • Unlockable Content. Once players are all done with the single play campaign, a new mode called BLEACH Tower is unlocked. Gamers can continue leveling up their party as well as unlock special characters.

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  • Genre: Fighting
  • Theme(s): Anime
  • Developer: Sega
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Released
    North AmericaSep 15, 2009
    JapanJun 26, 2008
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