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Security has grown lax without the continued threat of terrorist activity, until a series of bombings destroy several European embassies. Shortly after setting off on a recon mission, the World Anti-Terrorist Coalition headquarters is annihilated, leaving you in the lone pilot seat to meet this new threat head on.


Using your armed military helicopters, fly through 10 high-action, high-paced mission destroying your objectives. Using prior-mission planning, purchase armor, intelligence, armor upgrades, and more! Also, fight in a multiplayer dogfight with up to six players over wireless LAN! Using pre-mission planning, purchase armor, engine upgrades, and more!


  • Fly 3 different heavily armed helicopter gunships
  • 17 fast-paced action missions
  • High score tables with for campaign mode
  • New types of missions (night missions, urbanized regions, etc.)
  • Pre-mission strategic planning (using touch display)
  • Purchase extra intelligence trading with spies
  • Purchase amour and engine upgrades
  • Unlock special weapons
  • Free flight over the terrain (360 degree turning)
  • Explosions, water splashes, smoke, gun/rockets trails and more.
  • Weather effects

Hardware Requirements

You can use Wi-Fi connection to play with up to six players.
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Mar 28, 09 3:11pm
  • Genre: Action - Air
  • Theme(s): Military
  • Perspective(s): Third Person
  • Developer: CokeM Interactive
  • Publisher: Summitsoft
  • Released
    North AmericaApr 13, 2006
  • Player Info:
  • Online Multi-player (6)
  • Also known as:
  • Battle Hawks 2 in North America
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