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The fearless Biker Mice are ready to rock and roll in this exciting game that sees the trio battle to save their beloved planet Mars. The planet is in the depths of destruction, as water supplies have been sabotaged, and the Biker Mice are facing a race against time to recover the one thing that can save their home; the Regenerator.

However, Hairball, leader of the ruthless feline race 'the Catatonians', and Ronald Rump, an evil corporate land developer, are both out to cause destruction and mischief. They will do anything to capture the Regenerator for their own evil purposes and prevent it from getting into the hands of these do-good Biker Mice.


Playing as one of the three leather-clad Biker Mice - Throttle the cool leader, Vinnie the fun daredevil, or Modo the gentle giant – gamers can enlist the help of friends throughout the solar system, including General Carbine and Charley the mechanic, to stop them.

The mission begins on planet Earth, as players master a total of 15 levels that increase in difficulty as the game progresses. Throughout Biker Mice from Mars, there are chances to secure lethal weapons and cool gadgets that are integral to the fight against the enemies.

Players will start with a race through the streets of Chicago in 'driving' mode, blasting enemies and performing insane jumps, and end up in Mars, where both planets existence hang in the balance and only the Biker Mice can save them from destruction.


  • Eight action packed racing and Melee combat missions
  • The ability to for players to 'powerslide' their way around high speed tracks to defeat enemies and bosses
  • Perform huge jumps across Chicago Freeways and Martian Plains
  • Pick up and use weapons and objects as you brawl Melee style
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