A stress reliever application for the DS, Big Brain Academy features 15 activities that test your brain powers in areas like logic, memory, math and analysis. Free your mind by working through a number of simple yet deep problems. There are five different types of challenges. The game is playable by all ages, with only one cartridge needed for eight players and each activity takes less than a minute to complete.


When you enroll, headmaster Professor Lobe will introduce you to Test mode, challenging you with a bevy of hilarous and exciting brain-teasers. Then, when it's all over, the professor will calculate your brain weight, award you with a grade, and give you an idea of what career track is best suited for your brain weight. Don't worry, it's all in the spirit of fun!

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Wanna see how big your brain is? Try this game! BigBrainAcademyWiiDegree Wii
This game is really fun and it makes you think! BigBrainAcademyWiiDegree Wii
I wonder if it's the same as the one for wii... BigBrainAcademy DS
I love this game! I am good at it! BigBrainAcademy DS
Haaha! Funniest character ever! BigBrainAcademy DS
I feel like an idiot when I play this with my 2 eldest girls; I rock however at the match the geometry thing, odd because I basically... BigBrainAcademy DS
Don't play it much but it's good. BigBrainAcademy DS
Great game if you have a test coming up. BigBrainAcademy DS
Really frustrating and it doesn't help your brain at all. BigBrainAcademy DS
  • Genre: Puzzle Games
  • Perspective(s): First Person
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Released
    North AmericaJun 5, 2006
    EuropeJul 7, 2006
    JapanJun 30, 2005
    AustraliaJul 5, 2005
  • Also known as:
  • Brain Flex in Japan
  • Brain Exercise in Europe
  • Yawaraka Atama Juku in Japan
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